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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Does Boise State Still Have a Chance at the BCS?

Hello All,

While I was not able to keep up with writing as much as I would have liked to over the past few months, I can say that it has been an exciting time, full of interesting projects, some crazy college football, and good times mostly all around. While my Boise State Broncos suffered a heartbreaking defeat at home against the TCU Horned Frog just a few short weeks ago, the season is not lost as some may believe. In fact, I think that Boise State losing on the Blue has summed up this college season farily appropriately. LSU is now the sole standout, the team to beat. With teams like Boise State, Oklahoma and Oregon losing at home in recent weeks, the BCS is falling into utter anarchy. A few more upsets and we may have the season that pushes the BCS into implementing a playoff of some sort.

There is still a ton of football to be played in the next week, and a lot could happen. An at-large bid for the Bronocos isn't even totally out of the question. Here are a few of the things that need to happen for Boise State to claim one of the few coveted at-large bids.

- Notre Dame needs to upset Stanford
- Virginia needs to upset Virginia Tech
- Oklahoma needs to beat Oklahoma State in the Bedlam Game
- Georgia needs to Upset LSU in the SEC Championship Game
- Auburn needs to beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl

While not all of these are likely, and in fact, most of them probably won't happen, it would absolutely help the Broncos' chances of making it to the BCS. Most likely of these to happen is Virginia beating Virginia Tech and going to the ACC Championship game to face the Clemson Tigers. Least likely is Auburn upsetting Alabama in the Iron Bowl. But like always, anything can happen in a rivalry game.

If we do make the BCS, expect to see us once again in Glendale, taking on the winner of the Bedlam Game, either the Oklahoma Sooners or the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Here's to a few more weeks of college football, and to one of the craziest seasons I've been lucky enough to watch. As always, Go Broncos!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Boise State 2011 Schedule Breakdown Part 2

Well, at this point the Broncos are sitting at a likely 6-0. This is not without some very hard fought battles, and potentially some very close games. With the most difficult game of the season ahead, Boise State still has a long road to travel.

Here is my breakdown for the second half of the Broncos 2011 season -

• Air Force at Boise State - Saturday October 22nd, 2011 – 1:30 PM

Boise State continues Mountain West play against the Air Force Falcons. Air Force looks very stacked going into this season, and I project they will finish 3rd in the conference, behind Boise State and TCU. The Boise State defense should be strong enough to hold the Air Force’s Triple Option at bay.

My Prediction – Boise State 35 – Air Force 14

• Boise State at UNLV - Saturday November 5th, 2011 – 7:30 PM

UNLV is a team that hasn’t faired well in Mountain West play over the past few years. Boise State should be familiar with the territory playing in the Las Vegas Bowl last year. The fact this is an away game shouldn’t prevent Boise State from winning big.

My Prediction – Boise State 42 – UNLV 7

• Texas Christian University at Boise State - Saturday November 12th, 2011 – 1:30 PM

This is the one that all of Bronco Nation is waiting for. In what is the biggest game to happen on the blue in recent memory, Boise State and TCU will go at it more time. This will be the only meeting Boise State and TCU will have as members of the Mountain West, as TCU will depart for the 2012 season to the Big East. Boise State and TCU are 1-1 in their last two meetings, both of which were defensively charged battles at were decided by one score. Don’t expect anything different this time around. Even though both teams have lost some strong players, expect new talent to prove themselves on both sides of the ball for both teams. This will be the Bronco’s biggest test in the 2011 season. However, without Andy Dalton at the helm, I expect TCU to fall a bit short in this trip to Boise.

My Prediction – Boise State 21 – TCU 17

• Boise State at San Diego State University - Saturday November 19th, 2011 – 4:00 PM

After a close win against TCU, Boise State has another challenge. This time it is a trip to San Diego to play the Aztecs of San Diego State. Expect a good matchup, as SDSU will put up a fight. However, with the loss of a few key players and their coach from last season, Brady Hoke, San Diego State won’t quite be able to contain the Broncos.

My Prediction – Boise State 38 – San Diego State 17
• Wyoming at Boise State - Saturday November 25th, 2011 – 12:00 PM

Sitting at 10-0 by this point, Boise State has but two games standing between them and a likely bid to a BCS game. If the cards were to play out like last season and Boise State can win out, there is a good shot at the big game. This has been the storyline going into the season for the past few years, and it has not come to pass. Wyoming will not pose a threat against Boise State, and the Broncos will roll onto 11-0.

My Prediction – Boise State 42 – Wyoming 3

• New Mexico at Boise State - Saturday December 3rd, 2011 – 4:00 PM

At the end of the season, Boise State could not have a better way to finish out Mountain West play. The New Mexico Lobos will fall as the Broncos continue on towards the BCS.

My Prediction – Boise State 35 – New Mexico 10

There you have it! 12-0 would be a great way to finish out the season, with a more than likely BCS bowl bid. This season is going to be our toughest in years, and we have some very solid opponents throughout. The toughest games this season being against Georgia, TCU, Tulsa, and Air Force.

There are many things that can change as the season goes on, and in College Football, anything can happen. But with a lot to prove going into the Mountain West and a very strong team, Boise State should finish strong.

Stay tuned for more once the season begins!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And now for something completely different. Boise State 2011 Schedule Breakdown Part 1

It’s never too early to start getting excited for college football. With the state of the NFL questionable at best right now, college football may be our only outlet for football this year; and I’m as excited as could be. The Boise State Broncos face a number of difficult opponents this year, and if they can win out, have a better chance of playing in the big game than ever. The Broncos are shaping up to start the polls in the top 15, though I predict we break the top 10 by the time the initial polls come out. I will be breaking down each game, as well as giving my early predictions.

So lets get started!

• Boise State at Georgia (Neutral site) – Saturday September 3rd – 6PM

The opening game of the season is in the Georgia Dome against the Bulldogs from Georgia. Don’t let their somewhat lackluster season last year fool you, this is shaping up to be a great game. Similar to the Broncos, the Bulldogs are led by a strong quarterback in Aaron Murray. They start without their star Wide Receiver from last year, AJ Green, who went to the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft. This will be a battle, and I feel that it is on par with last years opener against Virginia Tech. Should be a shootout, but never bet against the Broncos when they have months to prepare.

My Prediction – Boise State 34 – Georgia 24

• Boise State at Toledo – Saturday September 17th – 6PM

The Toledo Rockets are an opponent we have faced a few times in the past, with the Broncos dominating last year in Boise. I had the pleasure of attending that game as a student last fall. Toledo faired decently in the MAC conference last year, but still was left out of the MAC championship thanks to the dominant Northern Illinois.

My Prediction – Boise State 45 – Toledo 17

• Boise State vs. Tulsa – Saturday September 24th – 6PM

The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes absolutely dominated the Hawaii Warriors in last year’s Hawaii Bowl. This is the game that I really got to see what Tulsa was all about. They possess a very potent offense, with a somewhat middle of the road defense, especially for competition is Conference USA. Tulsa is currently my way too early pick to take the Conference USA championship this year. Look out, this one might be a whole lot closer than everyone expects. Look for Boise to take it in a close one.

My Prediction – Boise State 42 – Tulsa 35

• Boise State vs. Nevada – Saturday October 1st – 6PM

This is the rematch that every Bronco is waiting for. However, this is not the Nevada team that finally took down the Broncos last year and ended their hopes of making it to another BCS Bowl game. Without Colin Kaepernick at the wheel, I don’t see the Wolfpack even putting up a fight this year. Look for a blowout in Boise.

My Prediction – Boise State 48 – Nevada 13

• Boise State at Fresno State – Friday October 7th – 7PM

Last year the Broncos shut out the Bulldogs in Boise. I don’t expect that to happen again this year, as Pat Hill and his Fresno State Bulldogs play a whole lot different when playing in Bulldog Stadium. The Broncos should win comfortably, but look for Fresno to put up a fight early.

My Prediction – Boise State 35 – Fresno State 17

• Boise State at Colorado State – Saturday October 15th – 4PM

Boise State opens up Mountain West play at Colorado State. For our first official Mountain West game we play against a perennial MWC bottom dweller. Look for this one to be over quick.

My Prediction – Boise State 49 – Colorado State 14

This concludes the first half of my predictions for Boise State in the 2011 season. At this point the Broncos should be sitting at 6-0, with three tough games sitting in front of them. Look for the second half of my predictions coming soon.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"All Night: The Movie"

Last night I had the privilege of attending the premiere of "All Night: The Movie" at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise. The film was created by Jacob Lyman and Kyle Sutton, and was filmed in Boise, Idaho with a budget of around $8000. I have known Kyle for some time now, and have seen this project grow. Congrats to both Kyle and Jake on a job very well done.

"All Night" follows a group of party minded youths on an adventure that takes them down many crazy paths. What surprised me most about this film was how well it captured the essence of Boise. It may just be because I knew a random handful of individuals involved (many that I knew from outside the movie, and was surprised to see included). If you have not lived in Boise, you cannot truly appreciate the "big small town" feel that it has. It seems impossible to go out and not bump into people that you know, and this film seemed to really represent that well.

I have not had many experiences within the "no budget" (films under $25,000) community, however I feel that this is a great outlet for aspiring film artists. Much work was put into this project, and it was shot over the coarse of two summers. All of those involved did it for the good of the project, and it is very apparent that all those involved cared about creating something special.

I look forward to seeing more projects from these two, and hope that "All Night" sees more showings and hopefully a spot in a film festival or two.

Kyle and Jake - "All Night" Premiere
"Kyle Sutton (Writer, Producer) and Jake Lyman (Writer, Director)

Check "All Night: The Movie" out on Facebook here.

Post Grad

Well, Graduation from Boise State has come and gone. As most of those in my situation, the number one priority is now on the job hunt. I have focused my job hunt on Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, and Web based firms here in Boise. It feels like such a big step going from student to a career, but it is one that I am very ready for. Freelance work was fun for awhile, and I will continue to do a bit more work if the right projects present themselves.

One thing that I have always wanted to focus more on is the Digital Drifter. Trying to find the time and the correct focus for this blog has been something that was far more difficult than I ever expected.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The New Face of the Digital Drifter

Hey all,

So much has changed since our last meeting! I am now a member of the freelance community! That means that I got laid off and am exploring my many options of what I can do with my life for the last semester that I am considered an Undergrad. I love it! I get to work from home, usually my couch, which has been a dream of mine since I was but a youth. But seriously, I am actually enjoying it and it is panning out which is always a plus. I have two steady clients in my first month and a half of doing this gig and I have two more on the horizon.

Now you may be asking, what exactly do you do? I am a freelance social media and public relations consultant; though I have primarily been working in the social media realm. I create and manage social media accounts for businesses. This means that I am the one putting together Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as blogs for a company. I actually think I found the job that I was born to do. It gives me plenty of time to manage my life around my work; I get plenty of time for the gym and for my friends and I get to work at my convenience. I love it. Seriously though, have I said it enough yet?

As always, much to come. I have many new ideas that I can actually work on now that I am not taking 19 credits and working in an office. So, let's see if I can make some use of this newly found free time. Thanks for tuning in - I hope you will check back.

Eternally yours Internet,

The Digital Drifter